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The quest for the perfect Twitch chat client

Created: 2018-04-23 11:53:32 -0700 Modified: 2019-02-03 16:06:29 -0800

Putting this first since I’ll probably never update this note again…

HiDeoo made a chat site and included all of the features that I would want: (it’s the best). The only problem is that he’s obviously limited to what the Twitch API supports, so you won’t see special events like Subtember resubs.

Twitch deprecated the chat pop-out that I used to use. Before they deprecated it, I got used to a bunch of features that I’d like to still get from some other chat client:

  • The ability to click someone’s name and see their past messages
  • Loading chat from before the stream started when you first arrive somewhere
  • The ability to see an account’s creation date
  • The ability to see emotes from various extensions (BTTV, FFZ)
  • The ability to quickly purge/ban
  • The ability to copy messages without all of the badges showing
  • Need to at least be able to send whispers from this dialog and ideally have an option to show/hide received ones
  • The ability to gift points to someone quickly
  • The ability to preview images before opening them
  • The ability to highlight mentions that aren’t my Twitch name (e.g. “Adam” instead of “Adam13531”)
  • The ability to ignore mentions (e.g. don’t highlight “Adam13531” when said by BotLandBot)
  • The ability to ignore a user completely through the UI (even if it’s by typing “/ignore”).
  • The ability to see a user’s ASCII name rather than their localized one


  • The ability to search through messages
  • The ability to see an account’s follow/view counts
  • Reload history of chat when you first open the program (ideally including the history from when the program wasn’t open)
  • Rename history for a particular account (e.g. “OldName renamed to NewName on January 1st, 2017”)
  • Pros
    • You can add buttons for any action basically; I can put one there for gifting points.
    • Copy/paste is easily parsable
    • Mod actions can all be relegated to the pop-up
  • Cons
    • There’s no individual chat history when you click someone’s name
    • It seems like you have to refresh the page at first for it to work, but there’s no indication that it’s not already working.
    • You can’t seem to have a single-panel layout if all you want is chat; you can just make the second panel really tiny.
  • No chat history
  • No way to search through messages (i.e. no ctrl+F)
  • Doesn’t seem to show that raids happened
  • Whispers aren’t allowed at all
  • Double-clicking a user’s name will put it into chat, but it won’t close the pop-up that appears

(see reference)