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Roman numeral analysis

Created: 2017-12-10 11:22:54 -0800 Modified: 2018-01-21 13:02:31 -0800

V represents a major dominant chord in root position (so it’s technically like “Va”).

Vb represents the same chord but in first inversion

Vc represents the same chord in second inversion

Figured bass has its own way of representing inversions (see Music Theory note for that).

If you know that you’re in A minor and you see “bVII”, you should assume that it’s a G natural major since the 7th scale degree in harmonic minor is raised (so it would be G#), so taking that down a half step gives you an unraised 7th scale degree.

bVII is a flat seventh chord and has nothing to do with inversions.

If you use the same chord within a measure but different inversions (e.g. V43 - V65), then it’s okay to omit writing the “V” the second time.