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If you’re sick of having Xcode open your code-related files and QuickTime open all of your video files, you can do this:

  • In Finder, select a file of the type whose association you want to change
  • Press ⌘I
  • Under “Open with”, click “Change All…”
  • 250
  • Note that this is not the same as ⌥Right-clicking a file and choosing “Always Open With”. That option only changes the app for that single file.
  • If you want to make changes like this from the command line, consider using duti and a set of commands like this
  • Ensure there are processes of the name that you want: pgrep -i node
  • Send the signal: pkill -SIGTERM -i node
    • Note: in Node, you can catch this with the following: process.once("SIGTERM", () => {})