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It’s a documentation theme built on Astro. It should “just work” with Obsidian notes as long as you use the Starlight Obsidian plugin.

  • Updating Starlight: pnpx @astrojs/upgrade
  • Running in development: pnpm run dev
    • Running with search: pnpm run buildpnpm run preview
  • My own personal publish flow:
    • cd <Starlight repo>
    • pnpm build
    • git diff (just to check quickly that there’s nothing private)
    • git add .
    • git status (just one last check to make sure everything looks good)
    • git commit -m "Publish notes"
    • git push

If you’re only going to use Starlight for Obsidian and nothing else, then you can follow HiDeoo’s instructions. They essentially just boil down to the following:

  • Go through the official instructions for the Starlight Obsidian plugin.
  • Make sure your package.json file doesn’t have astro check.

Use this tool. Make sure not to have DarkReader enabled since it will live-edit the site.

Folders with the same name as notes

Section titled Folders with the same name as notes

This isn’t really a bug. For example, if I have this directory structure:

  • Cloud
    • AWS
      • AWS
        • EC2
        • ECS
        • ELB

…it’ll render like this: 200 HiDeoo said this:

Yes, this one is expected when a file and a folder at the same level have the same name. It would be weird to have a file named AWS and a folder named AWS in your sidebar and solutions handling this by having different behavior depending if you click on the name or the arrow of a folder is not something really accessible/recommended.