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KDE Plasma

Created: 2018-10-31 21:20:59 -0700 Modified: 2018-11-07 15:51:39 -0800

  • Right-clicking the system tray all the way at the bottom and choosing System Tray Settings allows you to remove icons like the clipboard. By choosing Entries, you can also choose which system tray icons you always want showing.

Just as an example, I wanted to install redshift, so I did ”$ apt-cache search redshift”. It gave me these results:

awscli - Universal Command Line Environment for AWS gnome-shell-extension-redshift - redshift extension for GNOME Shell gtk-redshift - transitional dummy package iraf-rvsao - IRAF package to obtain radial velocities from spectra plasma-applet-redshift-control - Adjusts the color temperature of your screen redshift - Adjusts the color temperature of your screen redshift-gtk - Adjusts the color temperature of your screen with GTK+ integration sct - Set screen color temperature

I needed to get redshift and plasma-applet-redshift-control. Applets are typically added as widgets by right-clicking the taskbar, clicking Panel Options and then choosing Add Widgets.

  • Mouse
    • Alt+LMB-drag: move window
    • Alt+RMB-drag: resize window
    • Alt+middle-click: minimize window
    • The maximize button on each window maximizes in different dimensions based on which button you press it with
  • Keyboard
    • Alt+`: cycle through windows of the current application
    • If you set a shortcut for maximize window (e.g. meta+up), pressing it a second time will “restore” the window back to its normal size.