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Created: 2017-01-27 10:58:11 -0800 Modified: 2019-08-12 15:00:05 -0700

The reference does a good job of explaining things, so I’ll just add some small notes here:

  • If you’re doing anything involving native code, do it in the main process.


Follow the instructions on GitHub (which is basically just clone + “npm install”). After that, you can “set PORT=3123” and do “npm run dev”.

First, the certificate I got was from DigiCert for $74/year via this discount link I found in a random GitHub thread. It was a P12 file (which is the same as a PFX file) that I downloaded from them.

  • set CSC_LINK=file://C:/Users/whatever/cert.p12
    • This is a nightmare if you put symbols in your password since you have to escape all of them (reference). I tried for a very long time and could not figure it out. I ended up contacting DigiCert to get a new certificate completely, that way I could just use a super-long password with no characters to be escaped (which still gives you a lot of options). UPDATE: I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to contact them to get a new password since I still had the certificate in Firefox and could’ve just clicked “Backup…” again.
  • npx electron-builder -w

That’s it. It’ll generate a signed build; the resulting .exe will have a “Digital Signatures” tab in its properties menu:

Note that signing a build doesn’t override the “Company” that shows on hover as this may suggest:

I also don’t think publisherName helps:


“name”: “botland-steam”,

“build”: {

“win”: {

“publisherName”: “Xtonomous LLC”,

“target”: “dir”




This is relatively straightforward. Here’s an example:
let mainWindow = null;
app.on('ready', async () => {
mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
show: false,
width: 1024,
height: 728
mainWindow.webContents.send('customMessage', 'hello world');
// components/Home.js
componentDidMount() {
ipcRenderer.on('customMessage', (event, message) => {
console.log(message); // hello world
componentWillUnmount() {

Error: Could not locate the bindings file.

Section titled Error: Could not locate the bindings file.

This means some native module didn’t work. Never figured out how to fix it though.