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Created: 2018-04-19 14:54:03 -0700 Modified: 2018-04-19 15:00:52 -0700

This is a Twitch-chat client.

  • You can add messages to an ignore list, e.g. a “New to the stream?” message from my bot can just be hidden to remove some clutter.
  • Kind of nice to have a notification appear on my first monitor when someone tags me in a message
  • Seeing someone’s chat history when you click their name is nice
  • Can’t auto-open whispers by default and there’s no whisper history
  • Can’t seem to restore chat history when I re-launch the program (update: I think this does kinda work, but I needed to save logs or something and then restart? I don’t know)
  • Typing ”@” doesn’t trigger name autocompletion (i.e. you still have to press tab, unlike on Twitch where you can immediately start arrowing between names)
  • No quick way to change the zoom or font size (you have to go through settings every time)
  • Doesn’t auto-strip badges when copy/pasting text; instead turns them into special characters

[10:48PM] ~%Adam13531: Test.

  • There’s no way to preview images
  • Triple-click+drag doesn’t work
  • Double-clicking a user’s name doesn’t just highlight their name; it opens a window.
  • The window keeps glitching out and showing text output on top of the text input
  • CPU usage is like 2% for some reason.
  • When you click a user’s name, it opens a window about them, but the first time per launch that you do this, you have to click “More…” to see their !age and how many followers they have.

Can’t snap the window with win+left or win+right (or the mouse)

Section titled Can’t snap the window with win+left or win+right (or the mouse)

You apparently have to go to Settings → Look → Look & Feel to change the style to “system”.