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Note taking tools

Created: 2017-11-25 14:15:24 -0800 Modified: 2021-02-26 17:26:48 -0800

♮ - natural sign

♩ - quarter note

° - diminished (well, it’s really just a degree symbol, which most people use online)

^(ø) - half-diminished (ctrl+shift+= in OneNote to superscript it)

♭ - flat

I made these so that I’d have the rights to them, and I made the non-key areas a very slightly different color so that you can easily highlight the keys by bucket-filling them:

Full piano

Full piano with C4 (middle C) in blue

NOTE: due to how OneNote/Windows copy pictures, you may need to save the image before loading it into a drawing program so that pixel colors aren’t approximated.

Just use the comment tool in Adobe Acrobat (Tools —> Comment). Most helpful tools:

  • Add text comment (the T)
  • Draw free form (the pencil tool)


  • If adding text, add it in blue or something that will make it stand out from the original composition.
  • If adding text, you can always change the font size since it seems to be pretty difficult to get text to show up OUTSIDE of the score. I guess comments also work rather than the text tool.
  • Since you’re probably not going to use the commenting system, you can press the arrow on the right side of collapse that section.
  • To trim a PDF, I just print to a new PDF using CutePDF Writer.