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Software licenses

Created: 2017-07-07 08:50:38 -0700 Modified: 2017-10-21 21:23:11 -0700

This note covers how you need to provide attribution and licensing when it comes to code.

There is a site called TL;DR Legal that goes over the absolute basics (in a not-legally-culpable way).

Automatically generating license files

Section titled Automatically generating license files

[note: I never got this to work due to problems installing packages with Sinopia in the mix]

HiDeoo: @Adam13531 Can I give you an advice? Clone Bot Land client repo in another folder, run ‘yarn install’ and then run ‘yarn licenses generate-disclaimer’

Note: this requires Yarn, so you should clone your repo.

Afterward, do a “yarn install”, then “yarn licenses” and the generation tool are built in to Yarn, so there’s no extra package to install.

Note: because I use Sinopia/Verdaccio, I needed to do this (with the right URL (“npm config get registry”), not localhost)

yarn config set registry http://localhost:4873/

yarn login

HiDeoo: Adam13531

HiDeoo: I had to make sure to login to the scope on npm, using npm adduser --registry= <> --scope=@foo --always-auth.

^— run that command even though we’re using Yarn

Then run “yarn login”

This is a very permissive license. Just include the copyright and the license.

Like the MIT license, you have to include:

  • Copyright
  • License
  • A “NOTICE” file, if present
  • State significant changes to the project

These are licensed under the OFL (open font license):

Their FAQ is really helpful:

I’m PRETTY sure here’s how you’re supposed to license the fonts:

  1. Download the license: (get the most up-to-date one from
  2. Fill in the placeholders using the names on here: