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Google Analytics

Created: 2017-02-03 22:12:06 -0800 Modified: 2017-07-08 12:23:58 -0700

10:11 Liquidor: @Adam13531, GA tip of the day: If you ever need to learn about some metric but you don’t have the data to learn from, you can add a Google Merchandise Store account to your account that you can read from at any time with live data from their Google Store: - Good for metrics that you haven’t enabled etc. (You can always remove the account at any point)

The simplest thing to do is to include analytics_debug.js instead of just analytics.js and then include this line of code:

window.ga_debug = {trace: true};

This doesn’t really belong in this note, but it’s a blog post on how someone did data aggregation by themselves:

An event isn’t being logged when I think it should

Section titled An event isn’t being logged when I think it should

I enabled debugging/tracing (see above) to get this error message:

Command ignored. Unknown target: undefined

It turns out that I hadn’t called‘create’, ‘UA-TRACKING-ID’, ‘auto’); // note: the UA-blah is a placeholder