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Created: 2020-05-06 11:12:18 -0700 Modified: 2020-09-16 14:58:44 -0700

I struggled with SendGrid for a couple of hours before determining that their documentation is horrible and that I don’t want such a frustrating experience. I typed up all of my feedback and sent it directly to one of the documentation team members responsible for it.

  • If you just want to send mail, this reference with NodeJS is good. You just follow the steps there. I went from not having a SendGrid account to verifying my address to sending a mail in about 5 minutes. Note that it immediately went to spam.
    • After that, if you’re just sending transactional emails, go to your SendGrid Settings → Tracking and disable Open Tracking and Click Tracking, otherwise URLs will be a jumbled mess that go through first.
  • Rate-limiting (reference): you’ll get a 429 when you hit the rate limit for a particular API
  • Errors
    • Errors aren’t really thrown; you just have to inspect the status code and the body of the response.
  • Basic calling
    • When you call client.request, you get a promise that resolves to an array of [response, body]. The body is the same as response.body (reference)