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Youtube DL

Created: 2017-04-14 12:10:21 -0700 Modified: 2023-08-04 19:41:45 -0700

This lets you download videos from YouTube, Twitch, etc. Note that yt-dlp may be better.

To install, I started up a beefy VM (4 GB RAM, 4 CPUs), ran the Unix installation instructions, then did “youtube-dl <url>“. It started downloading. If you’re going to be downloading 5-hour+ videos, then you should make sure you have tons of free space (i.e. more than 4 GB).

Note: to limit download rate, do something like this (1MiB/s):

youtube-dl -r 1M

To get the mp4 file off of the machine, I used “scp”:

  • [on Linux box] Rename the file so that it doesn’t have spaces.
  • [on Windows box] scp adam@ ./