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Created: 2019-02-26 14:54:39 -0800 Modified: 2019-09-06 15:42:33 -0700

This is a program for generating a presskit. Skedog told me that most of the games he’s seen use something like this, so consumers of the presskit are familiar with this format. Also, it’s already made in a mobile-friendly way.

It consists of a PHP script named “install.php” that you upload to a PHP server, navigate to (via a browser), then follow the steps that it gives you. As you finish instructions, it will cross them out in green.

For static images, use something like pngquant before uploading to reduce the load on your server.

DO NOT RESTORE INSTALL.PHP OR YOU’LL WIPE OUT ALL OF THESE CHANGES! If you accidentally did that, then try reviving an old version from your text editor if you can.

  • Modify index.php to hide the phone number field altogether (no need to do this for the address; you can just delete that from the XML).
  • Remove “Developer:” and “Founding date”
  • Replace “Website:” with “Site:“.
  • Comment out all of the histories/projects stuff.
    • Modify some “echo” statement to remove opening/closing tags since this was done a little bit unusually.
    • Remove links on left side.
  • Delete “Releases:“.
  • Hide team and contact information (both on the left sidebar and the sections at the bottom of the page).
  • Remove periods from end of each link in “Additional Links” section.
  • Make it so that $link shows for all fields of “Additional links” (not the parsed one and not the title).
  • Remove note about “There are far more images available”.
  • Game facts and influencers have a readme here: C:Usersagd13 _000SkyDriveDocumentsXtonomous_folderBotLandPressKitraw_markdown